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UK Employees – Long Office Are Killing You – 5 Reasons

3 months ago - Mark Ashton

Whenever we are asked about work, we share the working hours, details about break times and holidays. With these three factors in mind, we not only define the work environment but also the fate of a company.

If the company is giving a tough time through long office hours, lengthy meetings and consistent work load, employees will soon lose the productivity and the profits/revenue graph might feature a down curve.

With years of experience in recruitment and management industry, I have been tackling the employee schedules, meetings and creating a formal environment to make things happen.

Years long studies have proved that long working hours doesn’t mean you or your company will grow faster, rather it simply puts an end to productivity.

Shainaz Firfiray, an Associate Professor at Warwick Business School addressed this concern with a comparison on how UK and European nations work.

She recalls that UK employees have the longest working week as compared to that of Europe. But surprisingly, this doesn’t make the UK a more productive nation.

The social apps and emails have made connectivity easier and employees can be accessed 24/7. This creates an overwork culture that completely negates the work life balance. On the other hand, we have the most productive nation; Denmark with the least working hours. How can we define more growth by working more?

This is simply not possible. We are a sensitive creature with several factors to consider and when we are forced to work, a lack of wellbeing limits the power of thinking and eventually leads to no productivity attitude.

Long Office Are Killing You – 5 Reasons

Here’s how long office hours are killing you (no worries if you have one, I have got a solution for you at the end):

#1. A threat to Family Relationships

First things first, over work cultures are a threat to family relationships by limiting employees’ time spent with family. Consider a 9 to 5 job and a 2-3 hours working time later from your home desk, how much time you have left for your family and sleep?

Probably a little dinner and half an hour for a nice conversation. Fast forward, you have only one day off that is spent relaxing. The long working hours are making you tired.

This is how long hours limit time for your family hangouts and relationships. This creates a threat and produces non-healthy tactics within the relationship.

#2. Limiting Creativity

Our organs are designed for consistency.

We walk by walking, read by reading and write by writing and the list goes on. If we don’t write, we’ll lose the power to write. Similarly, if we don’t think, we will lose the power to think. This is what long office hours do!

Employees are left with no time to think for themselves, they’re just forced to work for the entire time. This limits creativity and their power to complete tasks in a creative manner vanishes. Long office hours kill creativity, the result of thinking freely which is a negation out in the current situation.

#3. Limiting Productivity

After limiting the power to think, over work culture limits productivity, too.

I already shared how the UK nation is losing productivity milestones just because of long office hours.

To understand this, let’s get back to the basics:

A question, what is productivity?

It is the effectiveness of the effort you put in doing specific tasks. Just keep the effectiveness in your mind and think:

If an employee is working in a constant flow and is not allowed to create new ways to complete and tackle new tasks, how can we expect effectiveness in what he is doing?

With no effectiveness in work, productivity is limited and it eventually turns the company’s graph constant or go down in some cases.

No productivity = no growth

#4. Health Problems

Last but not least, long working weeks elevates health problems.

We already talked about mental sickness that just takes place when you do the same thing over and over again. If you are working for 38 hours or more a week, you’ll lose the creativity and well being.

Other than mental diseases, we have physical disorders, too with overtime at work. Libby Sander from Bond University reported that long working hours exponentially increase the chances of strokes. In the white-collar jobs we have got right in the moment; we sit for long hours coding or doing the digital stuff.

Sitting for long on working desks develop critical situations for the body including:

  • Cardiovascular complications: Sitting for unusual time leads to high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol which later contributes to cardiovascular complications in the long run.
  • Muscle degeneration: Consider not moving your body for 8 or more hours consistently, what would be the situation of muscles? Hyperlordosis, lump glutes and tight hips are some of the muscle complications being caused.
  • Leg disorders: Long hours at desk impact the blood flow causing the fluid to puddle in legs. A joint disorder called vein thrombosis is common for the situation being.
  • Spinal structure imbalance: Talking about the backbone and spinal structure that is affected the most. Imbalance in the spinal structure includes inflexible spine, disc damage, sore shoulders and strained neck.

And a lot more complications are out there. No worries if you’re a part of long working hours as I have got a real solution for you – a solution that is designed for productivity, creativity and better health at work:

A Simple Solution to Long Office Hours

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