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The Importance Of Preparation For A Job Interview

5 months ago - Mark Ashton

The Importance Of Preparation For A Job Interview


You’ve spent hours upon hours searching through job boards and speaking to recruitment agencies.  You have updated your CV, wrote a cover letter and finally, your interview is imminent.  Is there really a need to prepare for the interview? You’ve got this far, if they like you, they will hire you.  You have the skills and experience they need, so what more can you do?


So far the company have only seen you on paper, they may have put in a call, but your interview is really your opportunity to make a good first impression.   There is an age old saying that states, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”.  This is so true when it comes to interviews and preparation.

Regardless of the seniority of the position, the salary, the term or the company, you need to take some time before your interview to prepare yourself fully.   Going to a job interview is a nerve-wracking ordeal, and it doesn’t get any easier with practice because you will always have to deal with the unexpected and you will always have to deal with new people, having to self-promote yourself while being scrutinized, questioned and put on the spot

Research the Company

One of the single most important things you can do prior to an interview is to conduct some proper research.  Taking the time to get to know the role and the company, you have made the application to, will make the entire process more manageable. Not only will it ease the pressure that comes with an interview, but it also demonstrates to the employer that you care about the position.

Social Media is a tool with so many opportunities.  You can look at the company page and see what activities have been occurring, what topics are hot on the agenda, have the launched any new services or products?  This information will also provide you with some relevant questions to ask throughout or at the end of your interview.

Review Your CV and the Job Outline

Go over your CV, know your skills and specifically, prepare examples that demonstrate the desired skills and experience that they are specifically looking for in relation to this role.   You need to present relevant examples when asked to demonstrate or talk about a time when you overcame challenges or used a specific skill in order to achieve a certain objective.  The reason you need to prepare before an interview is to ensure that these examples are fresh in your mind and ready to roll naturally off your tongue.

Make sure you are fully-versed on the duties, responsibilities, and the requirements of the job you are applying for.

Plan Your Route, Get there Early

Part of preparing for an interview also includes planning transport, planning for delays, and knowing your route to ensure you arrive early on the day of the interview.

Interview Kit

Make sure you print off some additional copies of your CV along with a copy of the job description.  You can review these document while you travel and it’s good practice to take them along with you to the interview.

Get your clothes ironed and ready the night before. I know this sounds basic, but it is important.  You want to leave as little as possible to be done on the day of the interview.  The less you have to do, the lower the risk of things going wrong on the day, that could cause you additional stress or worry.

These are four very effective tips for preparing for an interview.  The importance of each one is not to be underestimated. Take some time to do them all, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable you feel, going into the interview knowing you have done ALL of your research.

Are there any things you like to do before an interview to help you prepare that I haven’t mentioned in this post?