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Essentially, embedded programming involves programming small computers that drive devices.

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In terms of its practical implementation, embedded programming is useful in the design of software of so many things. Entertainment systems, household appliances, Automotive features, small industrial handheld devices, mobiles, medical and healthcare equipment, list goes on and on.

Working with embedded systems is hard, because in addition to knowing how to program, an embedded programmer needs to be comfortable dealing at a low-level with proprietary hardware which is often different from one project to the next. It takes many years of experience — decades even — to get good at this.

Talking Points

  • Biomedical Engineering and Robotics on the rise
  • Improved bandwidth and latency by running IoT devices on the Edge rather than Cloud
  • Driverless Vehicles coming to market (sometime soon!)
  • The rise of tiny machine learning (TinyML) and new era of smarter hardware

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