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Bioinformatics is the science of storing, retrieving and analysing large amounts of biological information.

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Bioinformatics is a highly interdisciplinary field involving many types of specialists, including biologists, molecular life scientists, computer scientists and mathematicians. There is a dire need for biologists who can collect, structure, process/reduce, and analyse (both numerically and visually) large-scale datasets.

With the high global competition and increasing demand for new medical and pharmaceutical solutions, project teams in life sciences are becoming increasingly global.

In a post COVID-19 world i don’t think anyone could underestimate the enormous value of work and advancements in Biotechnology achieved by scientists across the world collaborating to the benefit of the mankind.

Talking Points

  • Could we see the ‘virtual’ life science company in the future? A company with no labs, no factories and no offices
  • How is Machine Learning currently used in Bioinformatics
  • When will the DNA sequencing be finished to map the human Genome

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