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Is Your Recruitment Agency Providing Good Value for Money?

6 months ago - Mark Ashton

Most enterprises rely on recruitment agencies to meet their staffing needs. However, the majority of mainstream recruitment agencies charge their client’s a standardised fee, without adding any value to the process whatsoever.

Needless to say, businesses must ensure that they are getting value for money when using the services of a recruitment agency and they need avoid getting little value back from the services they are using. After all, since most recruiters badge themselves as consultants, they should live up to their job titles and offer good value to the overall process at every possible opportunity.  Perhaps this is just my view, but I practice what  preach because I believe in offering good value for money.

The fees of a recruitment agency can represent great value for money. I know with some, they regularly go the extra mile and deliver beyond expectations.  It is sensible to review the services you are regularly receiving to determine if your recruitment campaigns are offering the results that will help you meet your strategic goals.

You need to know what you are receiving in return for the fees you are paying to a recruitment agency in full.  Similarly, don’t be afraid to lay down your expectations to them, ensuring that from the onset, and for the duration of your relationship, you each know what you expect from one another.

What Should You Do, To Get Good Value For Money?

In order to get value for money from your recruiter, you can take several steps. One of them is hiring a recruitment agency, which specialises in your sector. The job market is large, and a general recruiter may fail to deliver to the standard you want. It is also important to discuss your yearly recruitment budget with the recruitment consultant to create a plan which will make sure that you get everything you need within that amount.

Another thing you can do in order to get value for money is developing an exclusive relationship with one trusted recruitment agency. If you regularly engage several agencies to fill the same vacancy, you will not get the level of effort needed to hire the best candidates. You should also inform the recruiter that you expect ongoing communication from them which could include developments and updates on the job market.

How To Spot The Good Recruiters

If you are looking for a new recruitment agency, you can easily identify the agencies that will not meet your needs. Every agency has its own set of values, culture, and code of conduct. Your goal should be to work with the recruitment agency that best represents your organisation in the open market. You can trust such an agency to always act in your best interests.

Remember that the recruitment fees you pay are for the recruiters’ network, relationships, expertise, market experience and the steps they take to find the right candidate for a particular role. The fees are also for the due diligence the recruiters take to make sure that you have the best fit. You should choose an agency which demonstrates these attributes.

The right recruitment agency will always take an active interest in understanding your culture, market, and business objectives.