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Why Jobs in the Cambridge Technology Sector are Booming 2020

5 months ago - Mark Ashton

In the past, London has traditionally been the place to be for the best jobs and salaries in the technology sector. However, a new era is upon us.  Jobs in Technology in Cambridge are growing rapidly, and business in the region is booming.

Is Cambridge The Best Place to Be If You Want to Find a Job in the Tech Sector?

There is good news for anyone in technology and who is looking for a job in Cambridge; we have the second highest paying technology jobs in the entire country.  Tie this in with the lower cost of living in Cambridge compared London, and you’ve got two very good reasons why getting a job in the technology sector in Cambridge is appealing to more and more people who work in the tech sector.

According to Cambridge News, salaries in the technology sector are on average, 44% higher than any other sector.  This is based on a new report that was published by Tech City UK which cites that the average salary within the technology sector is around the 50k mark, compared to those outside of the sector that sit at around 35k.

Number of Cambridge Technology Companies is Rising

Perhaps the reason that the number of businesses in technology is growing so rapidly is due to the contributions that are being made to Biotech and Computing by Cambridge University.

In the past, while there has been a large number of start-ups founded in the region, once acquired by multi-nationals; there has been a tendency for those businesses to then be moved overseas.

Charles Cotton is the founder of The Cambridge Phenomenon Ltd, he is an avid researcher and Author who studies commercialisation and developments in Cambridge.  He believes that where in the past, businesses that were acquired once moved away from Cambridge and back to their respective locations at home; that now, even more businesses, including multinationals, are wanting to stay operational in Cambridge.  They want to stay in Cambridge and take advantage of the excellent candidates that the region produces.

Business is Booming in Cambridge

The Amazon acquisition of William Tunstall-Pedoe’s company Evi is a great example in point.  Evi is a business that developed an exceptional voice recognition-based personal assistant.  The founder of Evi now works at Amazons Cambridge HQ for Research and Development in Cambridge.  It is here they developed the latest Amazon hands-free speaker that is completely voice controlled, the Echo.  You may recognise this from the TV ads which show the speaker being powered by the Alexa software.  Interestingly, Amazon is also using Cambridge to test out a brand new drone delivery service.

Another multinational who is also looking to develop a new global HQ for Research and Development in Cambridge is AstraZeneca.  According to Science Business, this creation of jobs in the Cambridge technology sector, specifically from Astra Zeneca’s perspective is due to the ability to have access to some of the highest calibre of employees that are available in the region.  The new $330 million global research lab of Astra Zeneca is set to complete this year.

People all over the world are using products that have been developed in Cambridge each and every day.  Arm Holdings is another great example of this, with more than 90% of smartphones across the globe containing smart chips that get developed in Cambridge; it is a place that should be better known globally, getting more recognition internationally for its significant achievements.   Pipex, the first commercial Internet service provider: Clear Blue, the pregnancy test and many more significant and successful companies all began their trading lives in this region.

Cambridge Produces the Best Candidates for Jobs in the Tech Sector

So, if you want to know why jobs in the technology sector in Cambridge are booming, you don’t have to be a genius to work out that in most, this has been driven by the great people of Cambridge and the high-quality of candidates there are in the region.