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5 Ways to Make Sure Your CV Gets You Through the Screening Process

1 week ago - Mark Ashton

Automated screening of CV’s is on the rise, and while it’s something I would never personally do, or advocate others to do; it is happening.  In this post, I will talk a little about how to make sure your CV sails through any automated checks,…

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How to Write the Perfect Job Description

2 weeks ago - Mark Ashton

How to Write the Perfect Job Description   Possibly one of the most important places to start from to ensure you get the right candidates is with the job description.  Using an outdated or generic job description can result in CV’s being sent to you…

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9 Skills All JavaScript Developers Must Have on Their CV

3 weeks ago - Mark Ashton

With the boom in jobs for developers in Cambridge, I thought a post on what skills JavaScript devs should have on their CV would be quite apt. Why Is There Such A High-Demand In Jobs For Javascript Devs? It’s no secret that JavaScript is an…

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6 Reasons Why HR Departments Should Be Using a Recruitment Agency

4 weeks ago - Mark Ashton

Taking the decision to work with a recruitment agency is often a big one for businesses of all sizes.  Concerns over the cost of using an agency or the finder’s fee seem to be the most prominent. Along with opening the floodgates to recruiters and…

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Why Is It So Difficult to Find Software Engineers in Cambridge?

1 month ago - developer

As a technology recruitment specialist that has worked in this sector for longer than I care to state; I often find it intriguing when I talk with HR professionals in Cambridge about the challenges they face when looking for Software Engineers in Cambridge. Is the…

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Annual Appraisals

4 months ago - Mark Ashton

Its annual appraisal time, you have been given the Annual Appraisal form by HR (or your reluctant manager). A meeting is scheduled and you get that sinking feeling of having to remember what exactly happened in the last 12 months. You fill in the form…

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How Machine Learning Is Changing Recruitment

5 months ago - Mark Ashton

Something I am getting asked about more and more nowadays from HR and Hiring Managers; do I think I am going to have a role in the next five or ten years with the rise of automation in the recruitment sector. Basically, will I be…

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Why Jobs in the Cambridge Technology Sector are Booming 2019

6 months ago - Mark Ashton

In the past, London has traditionally been the place to be for the best jobs and salaries in the technology sector. However, a new era is upon us.  Jobs in Technology in Cambridge are growing rapidly, and business in the region is booming. Is Cambridge…

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