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6 Reasons Why HR Departments Should Be Using a Recruitment Agency

3 months ago - Mark Ashton

Taking the decision to work with a recruitment agency is often a big one for businesses of all sizes.  Concerns over the cost of using an agency or the finder’s fee seem to be the most prominent. Along with opening the floodgates to recruiters and therefore expecting an influx of recruitment related calls from the masses.

Being a veteran technology recruiter, I know the true value a recruitment agency or consultant can bring, and why HR departments should be using a recruitment agency.

Market Intelligence

By working with a recruitment agency, you will instantly benefit from having someone whom you will eventually consider to be an extension of your own team, who brings with them a wealth of knowledge regarding the current market and job landscape.  They will know your industry along with the trends associated with wages and compensation and benefits packages.  This will inevitably add value to your business, making sure that you are ‘keeping up with the Jones’ in terms of both your own and your prospective candidate’s expectations.  Your recruitment consultant will know exactly what information to present to candidates and how to position your business in the most positive light.

Extensive Network

Don’t underestimate the value of a recruiter’s network.  A good recruitment consultant will have an extensive network and an active network. They will be able to help you find that ‘needle in a haystack’ and you will instantly be able to leverage their connections and contacts.  Moreover, if you choose to work with an agency that specialises in your particular industry, you will get a focused individual, who can tap into a large pool of resources and potential candidates.

Ease the Workload of the HR Department

Recruitment takes time.  It also can pull your valuable HR resources away from their day-to-day functions.  With the volume of applications companies now get online when they open up vacancies, the burden of time on the HR department can become intense.  Most people who apply on the site will expect some kind of response to their application. If candidates apply and don’t hear anything back, it can lead to a poor perception of your business which can negatively affect your reputation.  Using a recruitment agency will help take a huge workload from your HR department.

Higher Quality of Candidates

When HR departments use recruitment agencies, they can stipulate in great detail the quality of the candidates they wish to receive.  When a recruitment consultant understands your business, your team, and your company culture, they are much more adept at finding you a higher quality of candidate who not only ticks the boxes where skills and experience are concerned; they can also assess their prospective candidate’s suitability for team-fit.   All of this ensures you get a finite list of high-quality people to interview for the role. It saves time too.

Better Credibility

Working with an external recruitment agency can also boost the credibility of your business.  Job seekers tend to open up more with people from outside of the business and often consider an external recruitment agency as the middle-man, in some ways they are viewed as an objective expert that takes into account the interests of both parties.  This is a highly accurate reflection of the process because ultimately a recruiter will want to ensure that the candidate is as committed to you, as you are to them.  It is in their best interest for you to get a new employee who has staying power, and they want to place someone with you who is going to commit to a long and happy future in your business.  It is often this perception of a recruitment consultant offering an impartial perspective that can help influence a candidate’s decision when they have multiple job offers on the table.

Save Time, Save Money

By outsourcing your recruitment to an agency, you will save your HR department and Hiring Managers hours upon hours of their time.  HR professionals are highly adept individuals, and in order for the business to function effectively, it often requires ‘all hands-on deck’.  When a company manages the entire recruitment process from start to finish, you might believe that it is the cheaper option, as there is no finder’s fee or commission being paid to a recruitment agency.  However, this is often quite far from the truth.

When you consider the number of man-hours being applied to the recruitment process, from reviewing applications, shortlisting candidates, replying to those who have been unsuccessful, schedule interviews, conduction interviews, considering potential candidates for second round interviews, then arranging and conduction these, it all adds up.

Save your business time and money by using a recruitment agency; it is most certainly the most cost and time-effective solution to recruitment.

Getting the right people in the right job is one thing, but getting that person with the right business is the part that really does make a difference.

I guess in some ways; we could be considered as matchmakers for the technology sector!

If you are considering working with a dedicated technology recruitment agency, then we would love to hear from you.