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Recruitment Solutions for Technology companies.

We are a Recruitment Agency working with UK Technology companies, including Cambridge, London, and Birmingham.

When it comes to choosing the right Tech recruitment company, Amazing Prospect can provide unrivalled personal service.

We are meticulous about managing the process and have sleepless nights finding the right match for you.

We ensure candidates and Software companies looking for Technology staff receive a smooth and transparent service from beginning to end. Technologies we recruit include: C Embedded, Electronics, Python, Java, C++, DevOps, Software Testers, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, React, JavaScript, Full Stack Developer, Data Science Engineers, C#, Technical Support, Scientific Engineers.

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Iain Stemp
30 September 2023
Hollywood Town
25 January 2022

Amazing service from Amazing Prospects (no pun intended haha). Mark was top-notch with his service throughout my recruitment process. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a career change with a recruitment company that puts your interests first.

Anuradha Sharma
23 January 2022

It was wonderful wo work with Mark from Amazing prospects.

19 November 2021

Fantastic time working with Mark and Amazing Prospects! Mark is a genuinely interested and friendly indivisual that was highly involved, responsive and truely went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition to my new employer. I would highly reccomend Amazing Prospects!

Raul Ghişa
9 November 2021

It's been a pleasure to collaborate with Mark and Amazing Prospects! Mark was outstandingly involved and responsive throughout the process, one of the few recruiters who actually deeply cared about my career. I strongly recommend getting in touch with Amazing Prospects!

Christian Benner
30 September 2021

As a software engineer early into my career I was extremely happy with Marks recruitment service. Amazing Prospects found me some incredible roles with very competitive salaries, and the communication has been absolutely top notch throughout the whole process. Mark has a refreshing less-formal tone, but don't take that the wrong way - he is fantastic and easy to get a long with whilst still getting all information across. I would absolutely recommend them if you are looking for a new role in the software industry, even if it's a junior role!

Anu Sharma
8 July 2021

Very professional and responsive in his services, I found a suitable role for my skills.

David Hand
1 July 2021

During my recent job change I dealt with a lot of recruitment consultants and Mark was easily the best. He took the trouble to understand me and my skill set and did not waste my time (as others do) pushing opportunities that were unsuitable. He is a genuine people person and was very supportive through the whole process.

Sam W
11 June 2021

It was a real pleasure working with Mark. He helped me find interviews for jobs that I was genuinely interested in. Also super friendly and willing to go above and beyond. Unlike a lot of recruiters, Mark really takes the time to listen, which I really appreciated. Couldn't recommend more!

Alex P
10 June 2021

Mark is definitely one of the best recruiters I have worked with. Always responsive and as helpful as possible!

Callum Mantell
4 June 2021

Mark was very helpful with getting interviews quickly and working within a tight timeframe.

Elliott Piercy
26 May 2021

Had a great experience with Mark. Incredibly attentive and on the ball. He knows exactly what he's doing and I definitely recommend

Liz March
4 March 2021

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark @amazingprospects for a couple of years now. Great guy, always a pleasure to speak with and such a professional. If you’re looking for a recruiter to work with that is genuine, hard-working, easy to deal with, and good at what they do; look no further.

Superb communication, meaningful suggestions, good intuition. Not simply organizing interviews but also makes real effort to help you get the right position. Great support!

L Sz
10 December 2019

I looked for a job for months before reaching out to Amazing Prospects. Within a week they arranged a handful of phone interviews, some of them worked out great. In the end I landed a job thanks to them. They are very responsive and thorough.

David Beddows
26 September 2019

Moving jobs was hassle-free and efficient. Will be recommending to friends

25 September 2019
Julio Pereira
29 May 2019

Great experience, the roles they suggested were very relevant to my experience and interests and they were very professional even after I chose to accept an offer that I got through with another agency.

Mark is very responsive and motivates thru his insights! He boosted my confidence and was very supportive thru out my job search!

Tom Chan
25 January 2019

Good feedback and prep info for interviews and generally a good all-round service. I've never encountered a better recruiter.

Seb Millar
17 January 2019

Mark facilitated me getting my dream job straight out of uni, working in Deep Learning R&D. He was consistently professional and gave me great advice for how to prepare for my interviewers. When I'm looking for the next step in my career I will definitely start by giving Mark a call!

Aaron McIntosh
15 October 2018

Mark did an excellent job with securing me an interview with a good AI cyber security company a few weeks ago

Jake Cohen-Setton
11 October 2018
George Roberts
10 October 2018

Huge thanks to Mark, he was great. After a chat he found roles that were well aligned to what I wanted to do. He was also very helpful during the whole interview process.

10 October 2018
Chris Atkin
16 August 2018

Strong levels of communication

Matt Meadows
12 April 2018

A really good recruitment agency. Call and email you when they need to with really good leads, follow up brilliantly but don't bombard you with call after call or mail after mail just for the sake of it. A refreshing change!

Awat Saeed
8 March 2018

Highly recommend using Amazing when looking for work. Mark quickly sent an email and updated me regarding new job offer and presented great customer service. Thanks for all the help and support.

Mark Froggett
6 March 2018

Mark is friendly and reliable. The thing that set him aside in my mind, is the flow of information. You are never left wondering and answers are quick and comprehensive . I would highly recommend Amazing Prospects as they have understood the importance of keeping the candidate informed. Follow up was also excellent and nothing seemed to be too much trouble. Other recruiters should look at the way Amazing Prospects work and follow their example.

John Boyer
20 January 2018

Mark is a very friendly guy and great at what he does. Having someone I could rely on and ask questions during the application process was really helpful.

Bren Ochoa
5 October 2017

Working with them is certainly amazing. Mark Ashton is a star.

Ralph Wellington
1 October 2017

Mark was a huge help with securing me a position as a graduate software engineer at an exciting tech company in Cambridge. He was always extremely friendly and keen to help, and even helped me before and after my interview while he was away on holiday! I definitely recommend Mark to any graduates looking to get a start within the tech industry (particularly around Cambridge).

Adam Brinded
9 September 2017

Mark is a really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable guy who's passion for what he does really shows through.

Sofia Tsepletidou
6 September 2017

Very helpful and effective in securing interviews for high profile companies.

Bella Khanom
4 September 2017

I found AP clearly communicated what the role demanded and what the employer would expect of a candidate. Very friendly and easy to talk to.

Stephen Jeffries
7 August 2017

Can't fault the service

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